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Since launching ChurchGurl in 2004, it has become more than just a clothing line, it has become an empowering movement for women. 
ChurchGurls all over the country and abroad, including Africa and Europe are proudly wearing the sparkling signature thanks to a 
ChurchGurl appearance at Mega-Fest 2005. When asked about the significance of ChurchGurlI simply state,“ I am a firm believer that it is imperative for ChurchGurls to be 'SassySavvy and Saved.' SASSY in our unique style SAVVY in our biblical, spiritual, social, professional, financial and political awareness and in our endeavors to do great things and make an impact in our community. And true, ChurchGurls know that we are useless without the power and love of God. We need to establish a solid relationship with Him: SAVED."

Never would I have dreamt the reception for ChurchGurl would have been so warm and welcoming; it has enamored me. As a woman who has been in church all of my life; the daughter, granddaughter, god-daughter and sister of Pastors, we have always known that the combination between faith and fashion are closely joined together and have been for decades. ChurchGurl is a statement for the fashionably forward-minded woman of God. For the fresh, the fashionable and the faithful! Those who wear ChurchGurl are church girls and proud of it....And that's real Gurltalk!